Old Fuse Board Upgrade

When doing major house renovations it is oftern required to up grade and replace your old fuse board with a new flush mounted type in order to have your new power circuits protected and compliant with new wiring rules. At Powered Up Electrical we have done many switch board upgrades.

Or if you are having problems with blowing fuses, tripping circuit breakers, buzzing sounds or even burn marks around switches and fuses these will need to be fixed fast as they will be  causing power surges and these can cause problems with electronics or worse burn out causing a fire

Some times we find thick gauge wire instead of the correct size fuse wire this is extremely dangrous and is a fire risk if a fault was to occur

We are located in South Auckland, and provide electrical repair service to Papakura, Takanini, Manurewa, as well as the wider Auckland region as needed.

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